Lesson #12: Petit-fours sales

5 Oct

For the first time in over 30 lessons, we didn’t use sugar – it was a strange thing.  Today my group created petit-fours sales (savoury hors d’oeuvres) with inverted puff pastry, also a very strange thing.  If you can imagine, we wrapped a layer of butter around the dough and rolled and folded and rolled and folded – you get the idea.  And yes, it was a bit of a disaster…but these things usually work themselves out.  In the end, all 5 types worked out fairly well with the exception of the saucissons which exploded out of their puff pastry during baking (it was ok, I couldn’t eat them anyways – French sausages are often look less than appealing).

And the lineup (from left bottom to right top):
* saucisson
* pate
* chorizo
* devil’s on horseback (prunes wrapped in bacon)
* cheese straws


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