Palace of Versailles

6 Oct

The Palace of Versailles (Chateau de Versailles) is a 40 minute train ride from Paris.  What was once a separate city is now a suburb of the large french capital.  Started in 1661, the palace had several additions and gardens added on which weren’t finished until 1741.  It was inhabited by french royalty for over 200 years until the revolution and that “let them eat cake” incident, which really, having eaten french cake, I can’t see what they got so upset about.  Speaking of which, the saying wasn’t really translated correctly, Marie Antoinette actually said let them eat Brioche, which is really just another type of bread that’s a bit sweeter than a regular bread.  In hindsight, had she actually said cake, like an Opera or maybe a Fraisier, the french might not have lost their heads about it… (was that too far? maybe, but I thought it was funny…).

Here’s a few pictures from AK, G+G and I’s visit today.  C was busy at school whipping up something fantastic for you to feast your eyes upon tomorrow.  There was  a Takashi Murakami sculpture exhibit (no I didn’t screw up the link, that is actually the stuff they had…) inside the palace which was a bit odd but I guess someone must have thought it was a good idea.


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