Wino Wednesday – Chateau Castelfont

6 Oct

It was 9 o’clock on Wednesday and I suddenly realized we were wineless.  What to do?  Minutes later G+G come back from their nightly walk and save the day with a nice little bottle of rose…

Wine: Chateau Castelfont

Where’d we buy it:  Carrefour (but technically it was G+G who made the purchase)

How much did it cost: 4.95 (although G mentioned he spent a long time trying to find a wine priced at $5.01 just so it was above our $5 limit…)

Why did we pick it: Who knows! It was a gift, it’s not polite to ask these sorts of questions…

Was it good: I thought it was quite good, and both G+G had some along with a fantastic desert (to be shown tomorrow…) C was off at her school dinner so she’ll have to try some for breakfast tomorrow…


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