Thanksgiving – Paris Style…

11 Oct

Be forewarned, the rant of the century is coming up…


We decided that we would celebrate thanksgiving today.  We’re not big turkey eaters, and I have a strict “no vegetables allowed in dessert” so pumpkin pie is out too.  Instead we chose to have a roast chicken, some Kriek, and a couple of nice pastries from one of the many patisseries nearby.  C worked on the veggies while I went out in search of the chicken, beer, and desserts, how hard could it be?  Every butcher shop in Paris has a chicken roaster outside, and although Belgian, Kriek can be found at a few places not too far from our apartment.


Well, I soon discovered that 99% of all butcher shops are closed on Mondays in Paris. Yes that’s right, they go on barber shop schedules apparently… While I understand you shouldn’t have to be open every day, why not schedule it with the guy down the block so that you aren’t ALL CLOSED ON THE SAME DAY!!!!  But we need to go back a bit earlier in my journey before we proceed any further with the story.


I walked about 25 minutes to the store that sold C’s beloved Kriek. It was the second time I’d been there today as I had assumed they would be open before 4:30pm, how silly of me.  I went in and grabbed the two bottles, the price coming to $5.80.  I handed him a 20, to which he replied “sorry I don’t have enough change”.  You read that right, this store that had only been open for less than half an hour had less than $14 in the cash register??? Was he hoping for every customer for the next few hours to have exact change until he’d built up a sizeable float?  I can’t say I was overly surprised as it seems like almost every store in Paris is perennially without change, except for the grocery stores of course who always try to give your change in $1 coins for anything less than $50…


But I digress.  I realized my solution here was to go get the chicken first and then return with correct change in order to get the beer.  I asked the clerk where the nearest butcher shop was and off I went.  Apparently when asking for the nearest butcher shop, you have to specify that you’d like one that is actually open at that time, and not some other time in the distant future.  I proceeded to walk for an hour and half, around every corner, another closed butcher shop.  In all my travels I managed to find 3 that were actually open.  Two didn’t sell chicken at all, and the third only uncooked.  Considering the chances of finding a butcher shop without a chicken roaster outside in Paris is about 1 in a million, I must have walked past at least 3 million closed shops…


As dinner drew near and I was getting desperate I went into the Carrefour.  I’d seen chickens there before, and after much searching I find 3 roasted chickens on a shelf in the back of the store.  The only thing is that they weren’t hot, or even warm for that matter…  For all I knew they could have been there for days (most likely).

So begrudgingly I went home empty handed.  I was so dispirited at this point that I didn’t even bother getting dessert.  C took it like a champ and whipped up some salmon instead.  AK was thrilled as she loves salmon, especially the part when she rubs it into her hair…  After dinner C ran out to grab some ice cream and really saved the day.


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