Lesson #15: Entrements passionata

12 Oct

Baking lesson of the day – ‘entrements’ simply means layered mousse cake, which is definitely the theme this semester.  The French LOVE their mousse cakes!  I think this one has been one of my favourites thus far.  What set this cake apart from others was the design on the outside of the joconde layer.  We were given creative liberty and tinted cigarette batter to create the colourful exterior.  I can’t say I’m so pleased with my design but at least the chef didn’t drop my cake, as he did with another student’s…true story.

Inside is a layer of passionfruit cream underneath raspberry mousse.  Simple and delicious.  Nearly half the cake has already disappeared…another true story.   There was yet another transit strike in Paris.  We were packed in the metro like sardines.  I’m surprised I made it home with the cake with the number of people eyeing it up…

When I look at it now, it reminds me of finger painting…oh well, next time will try to be a bit more sophisticated.



One Response to “Lesson #15: Entrements passionata”

  1. Amy Ford October 14, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    Wish I could fingerpaint like that, looks divine!

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