Wino Wednesday – Chateau Les Gravettes 2007

13 Oct

Another wine courtesy of G+G, bought for us the day before we left so that we wouldn’t have to worry about finding one ourselves for Wino Wednesday…

Wine: Chateau Les Gravettes 2007

Where’d we buy it:  Carrefour (but technically it was G+G who made the purchase)

How much did it cost: $5.03 G thought he’d be funny and buy one over our price limit.  We debated forfeiting the wine and just giving it to the painters next door to clean their brushes, but we didn’t want to offend anyone…

Why did we pick it: I’d love to say that it was picked for it’s full bouquet, or perhaps it’s award winning prowess (it did actually win a couple of awards), but as they say, there’s always a comedian in the crowd, and this week that comedian bought us the wine.

Was it good: Honestly, and we don’t want offend anyone, especially the entire country of France (which I’m pretty sure I’m about to offend in it’s entirety), but after over 4 months of weekly wine drinking, they’ve all started to taste kind of the same (sacre bleu!).  While this one wasn’t the worst, it certainly wasn’t the best, I’d put it somewhere in the middle of the pack of what we’ve tried so far.


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