16 Oct

Our Parisian salon de the tours continue…today, Dalloyau.  Since our plan to take the train to Provins was thwarted by yet another strike (or strike holiday, whatever that means?), we decided to venture out for an afternoon treat and coffee at this infamous Paris destination.  Dalloyau has a number of shops and tearooms across the city and we chose one in the high end shopping area – Prada, Hermes, Yves St. Laurent, and more surrounded us.  We felt out of place without D carrying my oversized shopping bags neatly packed and tied with a bow (and even a camellia flower on the Chanel bags).   Oh well, I certainly don’t require those furry Chanel boots this season anyways.   Oh yes, back to the dessert…

I endulged in the classic Opera, which Dalloyau claims to have invented in 1955.  D went with that newer version of said dessert but instead of joconde, ganache and buttercream layers, all the elements were placed in an eclair.  He preferred the classic version…

The tearoom was nearly empty so AK took advantage of the quiet and made a lot of noise while we sipped our lovely coffee, which is turning out to be a rarity these days.   I’ll save that rant for another day…for now, we will just continue to crave more Opera.


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