Lesson #16: Triomphe aux Noix

19 Oct

A triumph it was not.  I can now really truly claim that I had a ‘catastrophe’.  I know I said this already about my dark chocolate disaster, but today was the real deal.   I can’t exactly pinpoint where things went wrong.

The ‘Triomphe aux noix’ is a caramel mousse cake with a walnut sponge hiding inside.  The caramel was a breeze, the biscuit worked perfectly…it was at some point during the mousse that things made a sharp turn for the worse.  It was so bad that chef told me I would have to eat it with a straw, the mousse was that soupy.  Luckily, I was not the only one that had the same bad luck.  We chatted at lunch trying to figure out the problem and had a few hypotheses but nothing concrete.  Today, our class was also given our list of potential final exam desserts and this gem was on the list – at least I can practice the mousse in our oven-less kitchen!  Hopefully, then I can rectify the problem.  And since I’m so embarassed with my final product today, I leave you with this…


One Response to “Lesson #16: Triomphe aux Noix”

  1. sherry October 20, 2010 at 2:26 am #

    Now, that’s a sweet treat. Some of your projects turn out perfectly!

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