Wino Wednesday – Sire de Baupre

20 Oct

This week, for something completely different…. CHAMPAGNE! What are we celebrating? Champagne for $1.11 that’s what…  Ok so technically it is a “Vin Mousseux” which really is discrimination as it’s bubbly wine just like champagne, it was just born in the wrong place… So tragic.  On a side note, while buying this “champagne” today, I came to the sad realization that while I bought the bottle and one light bulb, the bulb cost three times the price of the bottle…

Wine: Sire de Baupre

Where’d we buy it:  Carrefour, I really wanted to buy it from a wine store, but they generally don’t sell light bulbs, and we were getting tired of eating dinner in the dark…

How much did it cost: $1.11  I once bought a bottle of “champagne” near Grenoble for $0,75 but that was 4 years ago, so with inflation I guess it about evens out.  On a side note, the bottle got opened by a sword, super cool, although I wouldn’t recommend trying it at home, maybe in an emergency ward…

Why did we pick it: Well, not to dwell on the light bulb, but when you only have $5, and the bulb costs $3.50, you don’t have a lot to work with.  Besides, I thought we needed to mix things up a bit, and we haven’t used our apartment’s champagne glasses yet.

Was it good: Well, I was a little disappointed right off the bat as C wouldn’t let me open the bottle race car driver style.  Something about a damage deposit and “you’ll be the one cleaning it off the ceiling”… I guess that’s why they race cars outside. But I digress… It was terrific, tasted a lot like “champagne” one of our favourites so far!  I’d pay at least as much as a light bulb for it…


One Response to “Wino Wednesday – Sire de Baupre”

  1. Erin & D-Rod October 20, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

    Nice change up for wino Wednesday with the bubbly. It almost makes we want to get a bottle! Too bad D-Rod is no longer letting me shop at the LB after we bought armfuls of wine during our last visit.

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