Photo Friday – Sexy Time Street…

22 Oct

The main street through Montmartre is actually called Boulevard Clichy, but due to it’s propensity for sex shops, we call it “Sexy Time Street” (also cause I can’t remember names and actually had to look up the real name on a map just to write this post…).  There are many, many stores on this street, it was hard to reduce it to just 5, but since the photo shoot was at night, we did limit it to those that had neon lights.  Unfortunately the “Porno Museum” got axed due to this reason…  If you get in trouble for looking at this at work, well, you probably should have been working anyways, so serves you right…


One Response to “Photo Friday – Sexy Time Street…”

  1. Colin Bell November 12, 2010 at 2:18 am #

    The neon is signage is really impressive. You just don’t see neon in North America that much any more. I haven’t seen a Sexydrome yet as well….

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