23 Oct

What better way to send a chilly Parisian afternoon then sipping the most amazing (and likely the most expensive) hot chocolate in the city!  D had a craving yesterday and with no plans for the afternoon, we ventured to Angelina’s…an institution here in Paris that we had yet to visit.  The likes of Coco Chanel, Proust and EVEN Brittany Spears have visited and indulged.

I had heard nothing but good things from classmates regarding the hot chocolate and it did not disappoint.  It’s so popular that you can actually buy a bottle of the ready-made concoction in the pastry boutique.   Angelina’s is also know for their Mont Blanc, which I can’t say I was tempted by since it was topped with chestnut paste ‘vermicelli’.  We were quite happy to not order much more than a few small macarons anyways because when the ‘chocolat africain’ arrived, it was certainly a surprise…

I did not anticipate the portion.  One would expect in such a place that you receive a very small cup of the thick, rich goodness.  Instead, the server brought a pitcher with 2 mugs and a cup of chantilly cream on the side.  Luckily, we had AK to help us finish it off.

Would I recommend?  Hell ya!  Would we go again?  In a heartbeat…once we save a few more pennies!  This chocolat chaud most definitely hit the spot.


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