24 Oct

Now before you go jumping to conclusions, no, we are not advocating for sweatshops…it’s simply the name of one of my favourite Paris addresses.  Just clarifying.

With the weather becoming cooler by the day, we figured AK required a bit warmer attire for her frequent stroller adventures.  I had noticed in our latest Vivre Cote Paris an unusual but very intriguing ‘store’ called Sweatshop where you could rent sewing machines for a mere 6 euros per hour…sold.  D whipped up a pattern and snagged some cheap fleece around the corner.  We are lucky to have a large selection of fabric stores only steps away from the apartment, it’s a bit painful for me as I want to buy a little of everything but do not want to lug it home!  I digress.  After some quick measurements and a few simple cuts, we headed to this sweet, retro shop in the 10th.

Luckily for me, the girl working was painfully nice AND spoke English!  I had my choice of machines and thread, scissors, and other tools were included in the price.  They even have a little cafe area where you can sip a cafe creme while taking a break from your creations.  There are frequent workshops as well, tempting indeed…if only we were staying longer.

In a little under an hour, the project was complete and I couldn’t have been happier with the end result and our new little find.

That is what I will miss most about Paris – finding wonderful little gems every time you turn a corner.


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