Collegien, my fave new find…

25 Oct

Back in the summer, I dragged D and AK to a hip kid’s store called Not So Big.  Definitely great stuff, totally out of our price range.  But one thing that caught my eye were these adorable socks that had a rubbery sole on them.  The designs were graphic and cute and the idea was amazing.  Perfect for a little turkey who when she returns to Calgary will require cozy footwear on the hardwood floor.  Alas, it was +30 in July and the last thing on our minds was cool winter weather.

Now, bring us a few months forward and here we are still in Paris and it’s chilly outside!  We are in a new neighbourhood and sure enough, there is another tiny kid’s store around the corner that AK’s Grandma found during her visit.  Sure enough, G also discovered the Collegien slipper socks and insisted that AK have them.  Naturally, she HAD to have the pair with the little boy and his oh so French beret.

I can’t believe in all my kid’s boutique travels that I had not seen them before!  The company has been producing the slippers since 1947 and continue to in Briatexte, France.  Outside of being uber-comfortable, they are also washable – a necessity for one messy little girl.  AK’s G was so smitten with them, I got a pair as well…they come in adult sizes too, a bit nerdy but I’m so happy to have them on our painful carpet (yes, seagrass is not that nice to walk on).   Now if I could only find an excuse to have another adorable pair…


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