I Heart Merci…

28 Oct

Merci!  Of course, a common phrase here in Paris but I’m actually referring to an amazing concept store on one of D’s fave streets, Boulevard Beaumarchais (aka Camera Store Heaven).  We have apparently walked past Merci numerous times and have never noticed it, I’m not sure how!?

Just outside was an adorable Fiat, a very good sign – I knew I would love this place.  Inside we were greeted by a GIANT wellie, a cabin/playhouse for kiddies, so cool.  Merci collaberated with well-known French boot company, Aigle, to create a special wellie and host an exhibition of the history of Aigle (who apparently invented the rubber boot!).   There was a wall of wellies from the company’s past designs and even the materials and templates used to create their boots.  Very interesting.

Next, I headed upstairs and really fell in love…the stationary, oh the stationary.

Further was the amazing home decor items, this store just kept getting better and better.  Then the best part, their profits go to a children’s charity in Madagascar! The genius couple behind Bonpoint have opened this luxury charity shop with great success so far.  Now I feel even better about purchasing those lovely little vintage hoop earrings.

An added bonus – a beautiful cafe, resembling an old library is attached.  Perhaps next time…

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