Lesson #19: Baguette et Pain de mie

30 Oct

Sadly, my final lesson has come and gone.  It was a fun one though with success all around.  We created the classic French baguette and pain de mie, which is loosely translated as crumb bread, but is actually a really nice white sandwich bread.

A student asked if one could replace some of the white flour with whole wheat in the baguette recipe – he quickly snapped ‘of course not, that’s not baguette!’.  Just a reference for all of you planning to travel to France, DO NOT ask for a whole wheat baguette at the boulangerie – you may be removed from the premises.  Now, it’s very common to find whole wheat and cereal loaves but they just aren’t baguette…according to chef and well, French society as a whole.

The only problem I had with this practical was the amount of bread we created.  Four baguettes and 2 loaves of pain de mie came out of the oven – I suppose it’s not a bad problem to have other than it was Friday at 10pm when I arrived home and baguette lasts only a few hours before it’s rock hard.   I managed to scam a few other cuisine students into taking a loaf with them, thankfully!

D + AK will miss the true baguette as I do not have the equipment at home to create the real deal (one requires a steam oven, who really owns that?!).  Back in Canada, they call it baguette but it’s just not the same…baguette is only flour, water, salt and yeast but the flour here is different, somehow.  I can try my best.  The pain de mie on the other hand won’t be a problem.

All that remains is my final exam and that part I cannot wait to be complete!



One Response to “Lesson #19: Baguette et Pain de mie”

  1. andrew October 30, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    Dad’s been trying to make baguette and other types of bread here, it seems to be working pretty well! We don’t have a steam oven but he’s been putting in containers of water into the oven while he bakes it. I don’t know if you do that with all bread or not, but it kind of sounds like the same idea!

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