Salon du Chocolat…

1 Nov

I noticed the giant signs in the metro for Salon du Chocolat (an all cocoa expo here in Paris) and knew we must attend!  How fitting for a soon-to-be pastry chef and a chocolate addict (and an addict in the making)!

Literally stall after stall and row after row of so much of the sweet stuff.  All the big names were there, Valrhona, Lindt, Barry Callebaut (not to be confused with Bernard), as well as smaller Parisian boutiques. Baileys was there with chocolate blender drinks, Tassimo with the newest Cote D’Or hot chocolate and chocolate and other confisserie as far as the eyes could see.

Over the course of five days, there was endless presentations, demonstrations, contests and even a chocolate fashion show.

My one complaint would be the crowds – but why wouldn’t you head to the world’s largest chocolate show on your day off (All Saint’s Day here in France)? Samples were aplenty and I’m thankful we went when the doors opened because had we waited any longer, AK wouldn’t have had her chocolate fix (or should I say overload)…

P.s. These mounds below are called ‘super dickmans’ in Germany – I didn’t believe D when he told me but it’s apparently all true!  It’s also pretty entertaining watching people eat them…

Yet again, another sweet, sweet day here in Paris.  A bientot!


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