Little Retail Therapy…

9 Nov

Today was my final exam and well, things didn’t really go as planned.  I was tasked to recreated Plaisir and all was going really well until the very end when my top layer cracked everywhere!  Unfortunately, the first impression of my cake will not be too pleasing for the jury.  My Opera writing (a technical skill everyone had to complete) was also less than memorable…


So what is a girl to do?!  Well, in my case, D, AK and D’s parents took me for lunch and continued to refill my wine glass (similar situation at dinner time as well but insert champagne).  Upon arriving home, I put AK down for a nap and set out on my own to find something cute to wear to graduation tomorrow.  Insert Loft Design By…, my favourite new store just a few blocks away from us.  What I love, love, love about this store is the fact that sweat pants are super chic and flannel is paired with beautiful wool blazers and tights. I snagged a denim dress, which happens to be one of the most comfortable things I have ever owned.  I could have left with an entirely new wardrobe!

On my walk home, I managed to also find a long, bright scarf – a necessary item in every Parisian girl’s closet.  I’m two for two, well, when it comes to shopping that is…


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