Wino Wednesday – Roche Mazet

10 Nov

New bottle + new scarf – it’s a good Wednesday!  Well, not an entirely new bottle as we have had a round two with particular wine.  It was so nice, we drank it twice…a lot of wine has been consumed in the apartment lately.  With D’s parents here and my completion of school, we have imbibed quite a bit in the past few days.

Wine: Roche Mazet, Cabarnet Sauvignon

Where’d we buy it:  Carrefour, where else?

How much did it cost: $2.38, middle of the road in 99days land…

Why did we pick it: O+G bought it the other day, we liked it so much we bought it again…

Was it good:  Lovely…D and I both really liked it.  I’ll be pretentious for a moment as say it had notes of caramel.  And you can trust me on that confiserie comparison since I have consumed more than my fair share of the sweet stuff.  I think this would be a great bottle to bring home with us since we couldn’t possibly afford most of these wines back in Canada!



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