14 Nov

On one of our ugliest days thus far, we managed to make it to the ever-popular Laduree on rue Royale in the heart of hoighty-toighty Paris.  After enduring the rain and wind on the Champs Elysees, we found our way to this well-know patisserie for a coffee and a treat.  Laduree has a number of locations and outposts (even Harrod’s in London hosts a small outlet) around the world.  The shop we settled on dates back to 1862 – it’s the original location of the patisserie chain and is considered the first ‘salon de the’ in Paris.  It also claims that it was one of the first cafes in Paris to allow women to have tea unescorted.

We simply dined on espresso and macarons, the main attraction at Laduree.  While the coffee was so-so, the macarons lived up to their reputation.  Sweet, chewy and intensely flavoured – the perfect combo.  It was a wonderful escape from the less than desirable weather…


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