Wino Wednesday – Chateau Romefort

17 Nov

Well if C can do one with her scarf, I’ll use my bowtie…  This week’s wine is courtesy of O + G, whom after trying some dreaded what I might write about it.  I have to say that the review below is an honest one, and not influenced by my parents fear….

Wine: Chateau Romefort

Where’d we buy it:  Carrefour, I think, but I wasn’t there so they could have got it just about anywhere…

How much did it cost: $3.64, more than I’m accustomed to paying, but still within the $5 limit.

Why did we pick it: O+G bought it, and I have no idea what their criteria is.  It certainly doesn’t go by our standard cool label/embossed bottle/won an award selection criteria.

Was it good:  To be brief, no.  To be un-brief, the burn it left on my throat could only be replicated by the finest variety of draino…  It had a very alcoholish taste reminiscent of rubbing alcohol, which could be related to the burning sensation…  Definitely one to avoid, and proof that you don’t always get what you pay for.



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