Wino Wednesday – L’Heritage de Carillan

24 Nov

So much to post about Berlin (from where we just returned) but until we get through the mound of pictures, you’ll have to be satisfied with a Wino Wednesday post.  In short, Berlin was great, although C and I both got sick although AK seems to have fended off the germs successfully so far.  The weather is getting colder here (nowhere near as bad as Calgary we know) and Saturday there is even snow in the forecast!  As our last wino wednesday (we head home in under a week) we are unfortunately relegated to left overs.  We found this bottle at the back of the fridge and figured we should polish it off before we return to Canada.

Wine: L’Heritage de Carillan

Where’d we buy it:  Who knows, like I said, we found it in the back of the fridge.

How much did it cost: No idea, but definitely under $5 and likely in the $2-3 range as that’s where most of our bottles lie.

Why did we pick it: Well, I opened up the fridge and said to C, “Hey there’s a bottle of wine in the back, why don’t we drink that?”, and the rest is history…

Was it good:  Considering we are both feeling a bit under the weather, I was looking forward to something with a cough medicine-esque after burn, but this one was not to satisfy us in such a manner… And by that I mean it was actually quite good, “one of the better Rose we’ve bought” to quote C.



One Response to “Wino Wednesday – L’Heritage de Carillan”

  1. Erin & D-Rod November 26, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    I will miss you Wino Wednesday…..

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