Berlin – Cheap Eats!

25 Nov

We had a great time in Berlin.  Our hotel was amazing (cheap, huge room with a four poster bed, super friendly), and the food was incredibly cheap.  If it hadn’t been for the almost constant rain with the temperature hovering just above zero, we might have stayed.  We’ll be posting over the next few days some pics and some of our experiences from Berlin, today it’s all about the food.  We found all sorts of great info on Design Sponge about Berlin, they have some design guides for many of the world’s big cities (even Calgary, shocking)

We should have realized the food would be cheap after we went to a coffee shop and each had a coffee and a treat, and it was under $5.  In Paris that might have got you two coffees, but not likely.  Next we headed to “Ron Telesky’s Canadian Pizza”. They serve such classics as “the flaming Quebecker”, and “Herman the German”.  The pizza was amazing, and they had this sweet hot sauce made with maple syrup (of course) that was amazing.  Inside the restaurant there were many old downhill skis, a giant moose head, and out front a canoe of course…  We chatted with the cook/waiter/busboy/everything guy and it ends up he was german and went to highschool in Peterborough Ontario where he learnt how to make pizza with a buddy of his.  They then moved back to Germany and started the pizza place.  The three of us ate lunch for $8.50…

Another great place for lunches (although somewhat higher priced) is the big department stores.  They are much more grand than The Bay or Sears, and they all seem to feature an upscale cafeteria on the top floor.  We ate at the KaDeWe

A great little coffee place with lots of room for AK to run around was Suicide Sue‘s. What’s with the name? Who knows, but they made great (and cheap) coffee!

Most of our eateries were picked on purpose, but we stumbled upon Nest by accident.  It was a really fun place that was serving an all day Sunday buffet brunch in the Kreuzeberg area.  We opted for the menu instead and were treated to great food.  They even had a kids play area where AK met some nice fraulein’s to play with.

And lastly, we unfortunately weren’t able to sample this last eatery as we came across it shortly after lunch on our last day.  I can’t recall ever seeing the one-man-barbecue before, but I have to say it’s an ingenious idea.  There were several of them walking around with their barbecues, some were even sampling their wares as they sold them (health code violation?).  $1.20 got you some classic German street meat…


One Response to “Berlin – Cheap Eats!”

  1. Tricia November 25, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    The one man hot dog stand – that is incredible. I wonder how heavy it is? Or how comfortable it would be? So much for sitting on the job or leaning when you are tired. Hope he doesn’t trip.

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