Berlin Treats…

27 Nov

Of course we could not pass up the chance to indulge a bit in Germany, sample what a different country has to offer.  As expected, you don’t find many pain au chocolat or eclairs.  Instead there is a lot of apple struedel, certainly not a bad thing and nice change.  Still, I was in search of some high end treats and we found a few jems along the way.

Winterfeldt Schokolade:

Possibly one of the best chocolate shops I have been to.  Yes, Paris is known for their chocolate but this store delivered their own brand as well as endless others.  Even better, the back was a little cafe and I had the best cappuccino since arriving in Europe (and definitely the cheapest at a mere 2 euros) delivered in a vintage tea cup with a decadent dark chocolate almond.   My favourite part was the fact that the now-chocolate shop was once a pharmacy and she kept most of the apothecary counters and cabinets, brilliant design and aesthetic.

Next was Barcellos Salon Sucre:

This photo leaves much to the imagination – had we been walking fast, we would have missed it.  But inside was a mouth-watering pastry case and behind that a very comical French chef wearing jeans, button-up collared shirt, nerdy plastic framed glasses and a chef hat.  He was ridiculous but yet very endearing and his pastries were nothing short of amazing.  D opted for an orange mousse/chocolate ganache/vanilla sable concoction while AK and I shared a teeny but rich chocolate bundt cake.   Both were divine.

The interesting thing about this patisserie is that directly beside the treats there is a hairdresser’s chair and sink.  Yes, you can go in for your morning croissant and have the chef’s wife style your hair!  Never in Canada would you find such a place, I’m quite certain it would be completely against health code.  But hey, we are in Europe where people pick out their own fish heads from a tub at the market and roast chickens lay out on a market stand uncovered ALL DAY before someone buys them.  I’m pretty sure no one cares that directly beside the kitchen, someone is getting a trim…

Though we didn’t hit up too many decadent outposts, those we found were well worth the journey.


One Response to “Berlin Treats…”

  1. Tricia November 28, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    In a big grocery store in China there were bulk bins of chicken wings…you filled your own bag and continued on shopping with raw chicken on your hands.

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