Berlin – Sights

28 Nov

The last of our Berlin series…  Here are some photos of the various sights we saw around town throughout our travels

Christmas fairs were all over town, seemed like every time you turned a corner there was another one.  They sold all sorts of things from Christmas ornaments to candy and of course Gluhwein.

We bought week long transit passes for zones A,B,C which meant not only did it cover all transportation throughout our stay (trains, metro, trams) but also worked to and from the airport as well as to the city of Potsdam.  We went there on our second last day and while it was a beautiful old city, the cold and the rain caught us unprepared so we only stayed half a day.

The infamous radio tower of East Berlin.  You can see it from all over town and at it’s base there is a fairly large open area to walk around.

Lego Land in Berlin…  We didn’t go in but did take a quick pick of the enormous giraffe outside.

Another must have shot was of course some left overs of the wall.  This portion was at Potsdamer Platz and had some informative placards giving some interesting history of the wall.

Inside Potsdamer Platz.  Truly amazing building.  There is a domed roof that links several of the tall buildings around the square, creating this really interesting plaza.

Our room at the Alt Berlin Hotel.  This was only half of it, and at 45 euros a night, a total steal!  Staff was super friendly and helpful, and we couldn’t get enough of the included breakfast.


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