Wino Wednesday – Chateau Villenouvette

8 Sep

Yes, we know, it’s not Wednesday anymore.  Sorry for the WW post on Thursday but it slipped our minds…perhaps it was the wine!

I don’t seem to have the best luck with choosing – perhaps it’s my lack of wine knowledge along with the fact that I already had a lot of groceries to get and picking something was not top of mind.  Nonetheless, I chose something that was red because leftovers had to go into Boeuf Bourguignon today…that was my only criteria.  And we apologize for a) not drinking it all and b) placing the remaining in a stew, but that’s how it rolls when you pay so little for a bottle (2,99 euros to be exact).

I can’t say it was my favourite.  It definitely had a bite to it.  That being said, it was certainly drinkable and just about any red goes well with my homemade pizza (yes, you can make pizza from scratch in a toaster oven – more about that later).  I suppose it says a lot about how much we liked it when I am saving half a bottle for stew…perhaps we’ll go with a white next week.


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