Du Pain et Des Idees

17 Sep

While D attended a small Paris Design week exhibit, AK and I ventured over to one of the places in Paris to get your bread.  Some time ago in Paris, you would find your patisseries and boulangeries carried just what they claim – pastries and bread.  At some point, the corner patisserie decided to start making bread as well and now you rarely come across an old-fashioned boulangerie.  Well, we found one today.

Du Pain et Des Idees take pride in the fact that they only carry high quality bread items and what they had left (before lunch even) all looked delicious – we couldn’t leave without something.  I had to have the ‘escargot pistache et chocolat noir’ (rolled puff pastry with pistachio pastry cream and dark chocolate) and I snagged a few little ‘niflettes’ (sweet little pieces of puff pastry with a dollop of orange blossom pastry cream) for AK.  As always, she saw what I had and it had to be hers.  Again, another wonderful find that is checked off my ‘must-see’ list.


One Response to “Du Pain et Des Idees”

  1. Erin, D-Rod, & Danica September 17, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    That sounds amazing!

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