Lesson #6: Verrines

19 Sep

They are cute, mini and you can eat many more than you should in one sitting.  I had been excited about this lesson since I took Basic Patisserie as I snagged a few leftovers from a Superior student at the time.  Chef taught us 5 different types of this mini wonders – we made 2 in practical, and they were definitely the best ones!

The pink is a strawberry creme with a pop rock crumble (yes, the French sometimes use penny candy!) and the purple is black current mousse layered with almond dacquoise and vanilla-scented Granny Smith apples in the bottom.  Tragically, very few made the trip home – no, not because of my lack of will power but due to the bumpy and hot metro trip.  AK now thinks whenever I come home from school, I bring home a ‘birthday’ cake…not this time but these little treasures, which fit perfectly in her little hand, are almost better.


One Response to “Lesson #6: Verrines”

  1. Sherry September 19, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    You have been very busy and I have gotten very hungry. Everything looks fabulous.

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