Un Dimanche a Paris

20 Sep

We have had decent weather here – not spectacular, but we certainly have nothing to complain about…until the particular Sunday we spent out in the pouring rain desperately waiting for a table at Un Dimanche a Paris.  D, AK and I ventured out to meet a friend from school and after getting lost, and soaked, we found her and found out that it was simply not possible to have a table for over an hour.  Parisians are notorious for long, lingering brunches on Sundays but I didn’t think that anyone would sit in a restaurant until 4pm having such a meal…but apparently one can.

We decided to find somewhere for coffee (AK’s new favourite thing to do even though it means she has to sit there while we enjoy a nice drink and she has to colour).  Then we return to finally sit a table…and be ignored by wait staff for at least 30 minutes.  No one even came by to take a drink order.  For those of you who have met my child, she makes herself known anytime we are in public so the waiters had no excuse here!  D finally managed to flag someone down, we order and he comes back to tell me they are out of what I so desperately wanted.  Bummer.  So I decide on this:

Right to Left: Teeny little lemon tart with a meringue kiss, apricot pate de fruit, pistachio macaron, and a petite chocolate tart that was almost like chocolate ganache just slightly baked.

And D chooses this:

I don’t recall the name but it was chocolate with chocolate on chocolate.  So yummy.

And it was love at first bite…needless to say, we didn’t really complain too much about the service after that. I can’t speak for D, but my choice (albeit 2nd choice), was bliss.  Like Lesson #4, it was basically all of my favourite things on one plate in mini size!  Aside from quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced, I would have to rank Un Dimanche a Paris one of the top places in the city.  Truly amazing.


One Response to “Un Dimanche a Paris”

  1. Lindsay September 20, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    Looks delicious!! Can’t wait to do this with you guys!! Xoxo

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