Wino Wednesday: Chateau Poulvere

22 Sep

I’m not sure I will use this same choice tactic again.  I’m a sucker for bottles that have one any type of medal.  That means it should be a great bottle, right?  And the fact that it was the only bottle left of it’s kind amongst stocked shelves…good sign too, right?  Uh, nope.  But it grew on me, a bit…well, enough to drink some of it.

I would equate the first sip to that of biting into a lemon.  While my wine tasting skills are incredibly limited, I know what I like and what puts me off right at the beginning.  This first taste was not a good sign.  Maybe it was the accompaniment that I bought as well…apparently red wine from Bergerac does not pair well with Tyrell’s Sour Cream and Jalapeno Chili popcorn.  At least I know for next time.  Perhaps we should be on the ball and at least try to drink it with dinner.  Next time.  While it wasn’t a splurge at 2,95 euros, we have had many better bottles for far less.  Monoprix, you have failed me once again (and yes, I’m blaming the grocery store).


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