Lesson #9: Chocolate sphere w/ chocolate cremeux

26 Sep

Again, the name was MUCH longer but I couldn’t recall it in it’s entirety.  We tackled ‘prestigious’ desserts this lesson and I would have to say, this was by far the best thing I have made to date at Le Cordon Bleu.  It was a more simple take on the famous Precieux Nyangbo that one would pay 35 euros to enjoy at Le Bristol here in Paris.

To break it down, we created to half-spheres of lovely 70% dark chocolate, then inside one half-sphere we added a thin layer of ‘mi-cuit’ (which may possibly be the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted/made), then praline crisp, followed by some mango-passion fruit coulis and finished off with milk chocolate cremeux and a hazelnut crumble (and yes, the French actually call it a crumble!).  A little dusting of icing sugar and the second dome with cut-outs is placed on top…plating to complete.  Now, our little version is nothing compared to Le Bristol’s, but I must say that I am pleased, as were D+AK with all the leftovers.


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