Wino Wednesday – Wino Week!

29 Sep


Well my parents are here…. So what can I say, instead of Wino Wednesday, we are having Wino Week!  Their standards are a little higher than ours, so although we stick to a strict 5 euros and under policy, often going as low as we can, they like to keep it in the 3 euro range.  The one exception of course is the Champagne that we bought before they came which was only $1.20….

The other three were reds (of course) and as I’ve said were all in the 3 euro range, 2 were good, one wasn’t, but over all, it’s hard to find fault with a red wine for under 5 euros…  These wines were picked (as per usual) as one had an embossed bottle (always a good sign), another had a different shape to the bottle and the last I have no clue as my dad picked it (it was the worst of the bunch…)  Just seems to prove that price is not a good indicator of quality when it comes to French wine, as some of my favourites have been in the 1 euro range.





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