Rungis Market

4 Oct

Le Cordon Bleu organizes a trip of some kind each semester for the students so that they can experience something food-related in Paris that they might not normally be able to.  This time, Rungis Market.  Rungis became the new home of the ‘main’ market after Les Halles disappeared from central Paris in 1971.  Before this, butchers, fromagiers and small green grocers would travel to the heart of the city to buy their products.  Now, Rungis hosts the world’s largest market for these said vendors.  Our tour guide mentioned many statistics including figures like 25,000 trucks pass through the Rungis gates EVERY DAY, 12,000 people work there and billions of euros worth of goods leave the market every year.  To give you an idea of how hectic it is there, business gets going at 2am…we arrived around 7am and things were quiet.

We were lead through various pavilions including dairy, meat (note there are a few sensitive pictures below of animals, just to warn you) and fruit/veggies.

Many would say that Paris lost a bit of it’s sole when Les Halles shut down and was forced to move to the suburbs. Either way, it was an interesting look into the mass production and selling of goods for Parisians.


One Response to “Rungis Market”

  1. Sherry October 4, 2011 at 3:32 pm #

    I love these photos! Those are the finest looking radishes I have ever seen.
    What a terrific field trip!

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