Wino Wednesday –

5 Oct

Where to start with this week’s wine… Maybe by passing blame.  You see this is the last of the bottles my parents bought, and while I don’t always pick winners, at least this time it wasn’t my fault.  I think we have to first look at the name of the wine, Cepage Merlot.  While Cepage is actually a type of wine, it reminds me of the english word “seepage” as in the gross stuff that floods into your basement when the sewer backs up…  Does the wine taste like sewage? No, but it isn’t much better either.


It probably didn’t help that I chose to “pair” this wine with Fajitas, as I’m fairly sure red wine really isn’t meant to be matched with spicy mexican food, but the dinner and wine were planned by different people so we had to make do with what we had. Long after dinner, I tried to give it a second chance, and although it no longer “burned” on the way down, the taste really hadn’t improved much.  Not the worst we have had, but close…




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