Cupcake Camp

9 Oct

Yes, I know, I know…you all thought the cupcake ship sailed for me and it has BUT Parisians are obsessed with the sweet, little concoctions.  I am sooooo over them, the locals are not.

J and I hit up the elusive Cupcake Camp last weekend on one of the hottest days we have met since arriving.  Not the best weather for buttercream, especially when no one here has air conditioning.  Nonetheless, in the sweltering heat, the lineup grew before the doors even opened…which means they really do like cupcakes because nobody likes to be early here!

The basic premise was tables of cupcakes, created by local cupcake shops and at-home enthusiasts which were then purchased with vouchers one bought at the door.  The procedures went to charity so 2, 50 euro a cupcake wasn’t so bad (they did raise 6000 euros for Make a Wish France).  J and I went to see what the buzz was all about, not to taste but the hoards of people there seemed to be enjoying the little treats.

While I wasn’t ‘wowed’ by much, there were a few jems we noticed…and a lot of expats too.  We fit right in with the largely English-speaking crowd.

As the offerings were quickly disappearing, we headed over to the other side of Le Comptoir General, the host location, for a quick drink.  I was surprised by the space and atmosphere, something you don’t see in most Parisian cafes.  All in all not a bad little Sunday afternoon excursion…but I still don’t understand the cupcake appeal with SO MANY lovely pastry shops here?


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