Wino Wednesday – Mort Subite

13 Oct

And now for something completely different…..  The astute wino’s will quickly realize that this week’s wine is in fact…. a beer.  It is a fruity beer though, so I guess it’s halfway there.  Why beer?  Well let’s just say that some weeks, even with some of the best and cheapest wine available, you just don’t feel like having wine (hopefully the French government doesn’t read this or we will likely get deported….).  So this week, we had one of C’s favourites, a Belgian beer called Kriek that is flavoured with cherries.  This isn’t the best brand of Kriek, but the good stuff is half way across Paris and wouldn’t have fit in our 5 euro and under budget.


So how was it? Glorious.  Wonderful cherry taste, refreshing, and we did it all while breaking one of our self imposed rules (ie. wine on wino wednesday).  Feels great to be a rebel…



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