Lesson #12/#13: Chocolate box and an exam…

15 Oct

I haven’t been ignoring you all…it’s that I really haven’t been all that busy with school.  It’s a slow stretch and will continue until the end.  They must give us a lots of breaks in the last few weeks to mentally prepare for the stressful exams, one of which I completed earlier this week.

As mentioned in earlier posts, tempering chocolate is a fussy task.  Even half a degree can change your results drastically.  Precision is key.   We were tasked in Lesson 12 to create a round box with a lid and some decoration on top.  Lesson 13 was to recreate the same and it’s worth a sizeable chunk of my final grade.  Here is the end result:

Not as stellar as I had hoped for but it was well-tempered, I finished well within the allotted time and worked cleanly (which was factored into the grade as well).  As for the demo in Lesson 13, here is what chef created (no, that’s not chef in the background!):

Can’t say it’s comparable to mine!   Maybe one day I could compete with that…


One Response to “Lesson #12/#13: Chocolate box and an exam…”

  1. Erin, D-Rod, & Danica October 17, 2011 at 2:01 am #

    Wow, wow, wow….. your creation is almost too pretty to eat. I may opt instead to down a bunch of the French jujubes 🙂

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