Wino Wednesday – Eclat du Rhone

19 Oct

We’ve come to the conclusion that the reason France has so much cheap wine is that in order to live here and survive the endless bureaucracy, you need a lot of alcohol to keep you sane…  We’ve done more paperwork for this stay in Paris than most secretaries do in an entire career, and just when you think it’s all done, there is a new form that needs to be filled out.  So far the only correlation we’ve seen is the cheaper a program is, or the more money you’ll save, the more paperwork you’ll have to do.  But I digress to the booze…


This week’s wine is Eclat du Rhone, we bought it for $3.25 at “Simply Market”, a supermarket that while only a few blocks from our apartment, we only discovered after a month of living here.  It is a very North American style supermarket with wide aisles, self serve checkouts, and parking (not that we need it, but the other features are handy).  They also seem to have a completely different selection of wine than our old supermarket.  Why did I pick it? I asked C what she wanted, she said “Cotes du Rhone?”, so finding this particular wine which was not only what was requested, but also an embossed bottle (always a bonus) and it being a silver medallist in some wine competition I’d never heard of (I’ve never heard of any wine competitions to be hones), I figured this was our bottle.  While standing in line at the checkout (where I was shockingly not pushed, shoved, or rammed), I noticed another Cotes du Rhone for only $1.85, oh well, maybe next week…


So how was it? Good.



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