25 Oct

Again, yes I know, I haven’t posted any school updates lately…shame on me.  BUT I thought it would be best to show you my progression through sugar in one post.  So, next Wednesday (or Thursday depending on how tired I am), I will do a little write up on how my final stage of Superior Patisserie went.  Hopefully I still have fingers by then – 165 degree Celcius sugar is CHAUD!

In the meantime, I’ll indulge you all in a few places around town that we have explored.  Today, it will be Meert.  I only became aware of this jem very recently through J, who casually mentioned they made stroopwaffels, or at least a French version of said cookie.  I figured we must give it a try…besides, it’s in one of my favourite neighbourhoods and is open on Sundays, bonus!

Quite simply, it’s a classic French confiserie.  Floor to ceiling guimauves, caramels, chocolats,and orangettes…every pastry chefs dream.  AK did not know where to look first – candy everywhere!  Then I spotted ‘les gaufres vanille’ and had to try one.  Someone else thought she needed to eat most of it though…

It was good but definitely not a stroopwaffel.  The Dutchies have that one in the bag.  This was softer and oozing with creamy vanilla bean filling but it just wasn’t the same.  Would we go again for marshmallows?  Mais, oui!


One Response to “Meert…”

  1. trishca October 25, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    I love stroopwaffels! Especially when they are warm off the castiron press 🙂

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