Wino Wednesday – Duc de Cherence

2 Nov

Champagne!  Yes C finished her exam today, and is all done her Cordon Bleu Pastry training.  Graduation is next Wednesday, although in typical Parisian style, we don’t know where or when on that day, and probably won’t till next Tuesday, after filling out a lot of forms, and arguing about stuff…

But back to the wine!  Technically not a Champagne but a Vin Mousseux (fizzy wine), but we can’t afford the real stuff.  We’ve been very partial to a certain $1.21 variety, but to mix things up, and because our new grocery store as a different brand for $1.15, we decided to shake things up a bit.

I can honestly say that it doesn’t pair well with buritos, but so far we haven’t found any wine that pairs with Mexican food, possibly why Mexico isn’t exactly famous for it’s wineries…  And in the end, it wasn’t as good as our favourite $1.21 variety, but was it worth the $0.06 savings? No, I’d gladly pay 6 cents more for the better champagne, sounds funny when put that way.



One Response to “Wino Wednesday – Duc de Cherence”

  1. Patti rodger November 3, 2011 at 2:46 am #

    I’m sure you did well, Carrie. Congrats! So are you finished or do you do another class?

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