Wino Wednesday – Versant Royal

23 Nov

C’s pretty sick this week, so I decided to buy a half bottle for Wino Wednesday.  The budget still stays at $5, so I was hoping to get something fairly super.  Enter Versant Royal.  Anything with Royal in the title has to be good, plus it was almost 9pm (yes I found a grocery store open till 9) and I was pretty tired so I grabbed it.  Total price was $2.95 for this Bordeaux wine.

For a change we didn’t have mexican food on a wednesday, so it had a bit more of a fair chance than wines in previous weeks.  That being said, the wine was simply ok, nothing stellar, but also not in the paint thinner department.  I’ve had better wine for less money and in a bigger bottle.

Beaujolais’s seem to be popping up in the stores so maybe we’ll try one of those next week.


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