Where have we been?

12 Dec

For those of you still bothering to check the blog, you may be asking this question.  Yes, we are still in Paris and alive and well…just busy with life!  Here is what I spend most of my time doing (creating, not eating…I wish!):

D and AK run back and forth between the creche and the park.  It’s a hectic life these days!  It’s not that we are so run off of our feet that we don’t have time to pop in and say hello…we just haven’t had anything interesting to post along with long hours at Pouchkine, visitors and everyday chaos.

I entered my 4th week of interning at Cafe Pouchkine.  No one could have prepared me for this experience.  My first week was pretty terrible as I came down with a cold, worse than any cold I have had in recent history.  The combination of a fever, cough, sinus infection and working on my feet for 9 hours straight took a huge toll.  But I figured if I made it through that week, I could breeze through 8 more weeks at the lab.

I have already completed 2 weeks in the viennoisserie room (croissants, pain au chocolat, etc.) and last week I was covered from head to toe in dark chocolate.  The nice thing about Pouchkine is that you rotate.  I won’t spend my entire 2 months working on a few items.  I will get to experience every aspect of the lab from the oven room to finishing their works of art.

Am I tired…yes.  Am I learning…of course.  When I’m done at Pouchkine, am I going to miss waking up at 4:45am to get on the first metro…absolutely not!

We will try to tune in more often.  Paris is quite festive these days with so much Christmas mayhem, lights, buches, and the most expensive trees you can find.  More on that to come!


2 Responses to “Where have we been?”

  1. grandma December 16, 2011 at 3:41 am #

    just a question–everything looks so irresistable but what is the cost of some of the items?? thanks for the update

    • dabcan December 17, 2011 at 8:29 am #

      The white cake (Fraisiere) in the lower right corner of the top picture goes for 60 euros or $90…

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