AK’s Faves…

29 Dec

As our days in Paris quickly disappear, I’m reminded that we have been terrible this time at sharing our favourite little gems here in the City of Light.  While we have not been afforded the time to explore as much as our last journey, we have been a bit more careful about how we use our metro tickets.  It has also been a bit trickier with miss AK as she seems to spend less and less time in the stroller, not really allowing us the luxury of exploring anywhere we please.  I had spent many hours researching ‘kid-friendly’ Paris finds but had not come up with much more than parks and bistros.  Then I happened upon the newest trend here – kiddie cafes.  The basic concept is a fairly standard, small Parisian cafe (well-lit though) with a small corner full of toys for your children to use at their leisure.  Brilliant.  They all have a menu any toddler would enjoy and some of these wonder-cafes even host ateliers.  Sadly, AK has never been old enough for any of them, but still a great idea.

First up: Le Pousette Cafe

It has all the necessities – little kitchen with pots and pans, books, a fluffy life-size alligator and good coffee.  Perfection.

The added bonus with these cafes is that the play area is completely free and if you go the right time of day (when they open), it’s not chaotic and AK can enjoy an entirely new set of toys on her own.  It pays to be the early-riser in Paris, always…


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