The McTaste Test…

28 Jan

D has long been talking about doing a little blind taste test with macarons…I thought it was mainly just an excuse to eat a few different flavours of these Parisian gems, but he was really keen to pit popular brands vs. the elusive McCafe versions.  As it is our final week in Paris, this was our last chance.

Who did we purchase from:

McDonald’s – the underdog (0,90 euros/piece)

Pierre Herme – the king of the macaron (a whopping 1,95 euros/piece)

Hugo & Victor – the new(est) guy on the block as far as haute patisseries go (1,70 euros/piece)

Flavours: well, we started off with basic vanilla and chocolate from McDo figuring that was a safe bet and then found that Herme only sold chocolate this time of year, how crazy is that?!

The method:  I cut the macarons into small pieces, D turned away as I handed to him to test and then it was my turn.  Pretty simple except that a little lady was loosing it because all she wanted to do was eat every crumb on the plate!

The results: As we didn’t have a vanilla from Herme to compare, it’s not safe to say who has the best all-round of the three.  The elusive king of the macaron here in Paris did come on top with the chocolate with a surprise 2nd place finish by McDo.  The vanilla McMacaron did pale in comparison to Hugo & Victor in texture and more importantly flavour.

Did we solve the on-going macaron battle?  No.  There are soooooo many to choose from here, I don’t know how one would ever be able to decide on their favourite.  We did have fun though and were a little surprised by the results.  I think it’s safe to say that you get what you pay for but for those of you who aren’t pastry snobs (like we seem to be lately), the McMacaron may very well suit your fancy!


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