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9 Mar

Quick day trip to Amsterdam today, visiting a few markets, a park, and of course walking along many canals (and narrowly missing getting hit by many bikes).








9 Mar

We’ve been in Haarlem for the last few days as we near the end of our incredible European travels. Meeting up with some of our family we are renting a house in this nice town which is like Amsterdam but without all the tourists, but still only a 20min train ride from the Dutch capital.






Bicycle Envy…

22 Nov

Amsterdam must have the highest number of bikes/person in the world.  They are absolutely everywhere, whizzing past you, chained to the lamp posts, or floating in the canals…  I think the bike above is a truly brilliant design, I’d buy one in a heart beat if they had them in Canada.  I saw similar models carrying everything from kids, to couches, to lumber!

Bloemenmarkt – Amsterdam

22 Nov

The Bloemenmarkt or Flower Market is a mainstay of Amsterdam.  This time of year it is more bulbs than flowers, but the variety available is astounding.  There was even a “Calgary” tulip which was all white and looked a bit like a cowboy hat, how suiting.


20 Nov

Ahh Amsterdam.  So much to see so little time. If only we could spend 6 months in each European city in order to really explore all they have to offer…  We went to a little cafe called Mokka, I felt I should order the house specialty which was a Mocha, but instead of being served as a prepared drink, you are brought a latte and a chunk of dark chocolate on a stick. You then dunk the chocolate into your drink until it’s chocolatey enough (or you can’t resist eating the rest of the chunk…).  Tasted amazing as you can imagine I’m sure…


18 Nov

We’ve headed up to Amsterdam for a few days.  Since C is finished school we decided to get some more travelling in before heading back to Canada.  This week is Amsterdam followed by a trip to Berlin, then only a week before we head home.  We’ll try to keep up the posts but we may miss a day here or there (like yesterday, whoops!)