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Market day

11 Mar

Today was market day in Haarlem, amazing variety of foods at incredible prices and a fantastic atmosphere, felt like the entire town had come out to get their food. Topped off the day with an old organ grinder which AK had a great time dancing to.








9 Mar

Quick day trip to Amsterdam today, visiting a few markets, a park, and of course walking along many canals (and narrowly missing getting hit by many bikes).







9 Mar

We’ve been in Haarlem for the last few days as we near the end of our incredible European travels. Meeting up with some of our family we are renting a house in this nice town which is like Amsterdam but without all the tourists, but still only a 20min train ride from the Dutch capital.






World Cup Soccer

10 Jul

In Paris, they show most of the World Cup games an a giant screen erected in Trocadero (across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower).  This is normally a plaza but during the World Cup they set up a mini soccer field where impromptu games of soccer can be played. At night, with games showing on the big screen, this field becomes the seating for thousands of soccer fans.  The other night I headed over to watch Holland play Uruguay.  I was quite surprised at the number of dutch fans, but they were clearly outnumbered by the fans for Uruguay!  I was there early so got a good seat close to the front, but also apparently in the middle of the Urugay cheering section (while I was wearing an orange shirt, whoops!).  Holland ended up wining the match and it was quite a bit more exciting to watch it in this atmosphere than at home in our sauna on a 14″ screen…  They are also showing games at one of the soccer stadiums in town, however it’s a long way out and I haven’t made it down there yet.

As Paris is fairly far North, it stays light quite late here. I took this picture on the way home from the game.