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9 Mar

Quick day trip to Amsterdam today, visiting a few markets, a park, and of course walking along many canals (and narrowly missing getting hit by many bikes).







Snowy Milan…

5 Feb

Whoops, a day late. Always the expensive hotels that charge for internet, so posting from the train station…..

We were feeling pretty smug that we happened to plan our trip to Morocco during Europe’s first real cold snap of the winter. While daily highs around Europe looked very Canadian-esque, we were enjoying temperatures in the high teens with sunny skies. We were, until we got to Milan. Imagine our surprise as we descended out of the clouds to see snow everywhere! While the worst of the cold seems to have passed, there is still lots of snow on the ground and coming from Marrakech, it certainly feels cold! AK was pretty excited to see snow though.






Marrakech, Day 1…

31 Jan

We arrived late last night in Marrakech, thankfully we opted to use the Riad’s pay shuttle service as there is no way we would have ever found the place! Speaking of finding things, it’s a bit tough as most streets don’t have names, and the ones that do, only show them on the maps and not on the street! There are many people happy to show you the way for a large fee, but so far we have managed with only a few extra km’s walked… We’ll try to post pictures each day as long as we have Internet. Tomorrow we are off to Essaouria on the coast






Paris Planner 2012

11 Jan

In need of some organization in your life? Maybe a nice picture or two? With some of my many Paris photos, I’ve made a 2012 Daily Planner (Calendar).  It features pictures taken with my xpan, voigtlander rangefinder, Holga, and Sony Nex 3.  I wanted to stick with only film cameras, but the cover shot was just too good to omit.

There are 14 pictures including the cover, and the last 20 or so pages are lined for notes.  It’s 5×8″ or “pocket book” sized and is available on Blurb for only $9.95  Click Here to see the book and purchase if you are interested.


Photo Friday – Favourites

26 Nov

For a final Photo Friday, what could be more appropriate than our top 5 photos of the last 6 months?  While there are still about 19 rolls to develop and scan, these are our 5 favourite photos so far.  They were taken with a variety of cameras, both film and digital, manual and automatic, and span the entire 6 months of our stay.  While we usually let the pictures speak for themselves, this week we’ll do a quick note below each.

Eiffel towers in a shop window near Place des Vosges, near Bastille.


The old magazine stand by our first apartment.  The man behind the counter could find anything you asked for in one quick step…


One of our many Eiffel tower pictures (can you really have too many?). This one taken on the way home one night with the Monument of Peace in the foreground.


A fun one taken on one of our many Paris Walks.  Sushi delivery mopeds sitting outside the restaurant.


My all-time favourite, a classic Parisian market stand selling vegetables.  Taken sometime during the summer, somewhere in Paris.  With all the markets we visited, I really can’t be anymore specific than that…

You wouldn’t believe what I saw today…

6 Nov

Why do I always end up writing the posts that are right out of left field? Anyways, as you all know, AK and I walk… a lot. C comes with us on a lot of our adventures, but she does have a fair bit of school work and lately tons of studying for the final exam.  While out on these walks we see all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and when we return to the apartment, I tell C all about what we’ve seen.  I’m not sure if Paris is all the more unusual a city, or if it’s just we get out so much, but you wouldn’t believe some of the things we come across.  While I love taking pictures, until recently I didn’t always document these oddities, but here are a few good ones from a walk last week…

Yes, that’s astroturf, and I must say, having examined the van up close (which used to be owned by a florist), it was an incredibly well done job, following all the contours of the vehicle exactly.